Have you ever wondered why your security company is not where you want it to be? Are you spending your days knocking on doors, wasting money, trying to get your company off the ground and subsequently living life in an unfulfilling way? Your business savviness may not be the issue. The problem lies in your attention. What are you putting your attention on? So many people are seeking comfort in life, and that is the pathway to nowhere. Our attention spans have been shortened, our demand for instant gratification has stopped most people from putting in 12-hour-days, grinding, which is what it takes to earn a comfortable place in your security business.

You see that little red dot on your social media app? It’s no coincidence that you’re addicted to it. Via slot machines, casinos have been using this technology and exploiting human psychology for many years. It’s called a variable scheduled reward. It’s taking all of your time. It’s keeping you on the starting block every morning. That red dot is habit forming. It’s a search for something that feels good to us. It’s serotonin on demand. Sound like an exaggeration? Just try to go a full day, and let those red dots and their corresponding “to-do” list numbers increase. You can’t do it, can you?As a matter of fact, I got you to read this because you felt compelled to click on the red dot in your news feed, which is the problem to begin with.

The most precious commodity for humans is time. The little dash between your date-of-birth and your date-of-death on your tombstone – that’s your life. Have you ever contemplated how your world view correlates with reality?  Maybe it’s something I’ve been cursed with, or perhaps it’s quite the opposite, but I don’t see the world the same way most people do. For many years, I’ve spent a lot of my time, trying to motivate small business owners – to no avail. Time and time again, I help people get on their feet, send them in a direction and lend a helping hand just enough to let the bicycle go without training wheels. Unfortunately, there’s usually a crash right around the corner. No matter what I say, or what I do, most seem to wind up where they were before I got involved with them. I think I know why…People think they have time. They put things off. Do you think you have time? The universe has existed 184 million times longer than you and me. In the grand scheme of things, our life’s time-line in relation to the universe is equal to a fraction of one blink of the eye over a human’s lifetime. Yet, we live as if tomorrow is some sort of a guarantee. Here’s the only guarantee: none of us are getting out of her alive.

It’s time to get out of the trap that you’ve set for yourself and take control of your life.

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Michael Evans, CEO
USPA Nationwide Security