Paulius Stankevicius is a serial entrepreneur and international businessman born in 1992 on September 12th in Vilnius, Lithuania. In his early teen years, he moved to live in Helsinki, Finland.

In 2013 in Helsinki, Paulius Stankevicius attended his first business class as back then he had a vision to build a computer game company. Later in 2014 he started his Business Bachelor of Administration studies in Haaga-Helia UAS in Finland.

Already in 2014, Paulius Stankevicius showed passion and interest for startups and business, and right after the summer in 2014, he started developing ideas for mobile applications with friends and ended up creating different startup companies.

In 2013 and 2014 there was a certain volatility in Bitcoin market on which Paulius Stankevicius took an early advantage and started trading fiat currency CFDs on Bitcoin price with leverage and margin.

Between 2014 and 2015, Paulius Stankevicius was involved in numerous tech startups as co-founder and CTO as back in the days Paulius Stankevicius was mainly focused on programming and especially design.

In late 2015, Paulius Stankevicius joined a special university program through startup school for selected individuals and represented the project with his team in Seoul, South Korea. It turned out to be a great business trip as multiple partnerships with strong and respected local and international entities from South Korea were arranged.

Later in 2016, Paulius Stankevicius moved to Hong Kong and continued exchange studies in Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. He was the only one to be selected for exchange program to Hong Kong in his university in Finland as the university had only one spot available.

In 2016, his interest mainly shifted from tech to marketing and that is when he started learning about public relations. Even though his primary studies were programming and business he managed to negotiate with his university to make a more tailored personal study plan including public relations and marketing which by standard was not regular nor available to students at the time.

From 2016 onwards, Paulius Stankevicius main focus was solely public relations, marketing and advertising. Before he left to Hong Kong, late in 2015 he started a new venture with his friends to disrupt education system in Finland. The venture was ongoing until mid 2017 until the main partner which was NASA unfortunately had to cancel participation due to weather conditions consequences of hurricane Katrina.

In Hong Kong in 2016, Paulius Stankevicius acquired a lot of new clients for his personal business in marketing and public relations. Paulius Stankevicius have been always great in selling and so over the years he managed to get a large and respective clientele.

In 2016, Paulius Stankevicius also discovered commodity trading in natural resources such as oil and precious metals. He spent 2 years in general commodity trading.

In 2017, Paulius Stankevicius continued his marketing studies and while learning more about the subject he was able to offer more to clients. Whatever he learned he immediately applied to real life business experience. In 2017, Paulius Stankevicius acquired respective clientele from Fortune 500 companies while offering them various digital marketing solutions.

In late 2017, Paulius Stankevicius started offering Public Relations services and up until now, Public Relations has become the principle business which later on during the years evolved and extended to Investor Relations.

In 2018, Paulius Stankevicius helped to raise over $500M in funding for his selective international PR and IR clientele. In 2019, Paulius Stankevicius was appointed as EMEA CEO and global CMO at Indonesian corporation. In 2020, Paulius Stankevicius joined a United Arab Emirates based group as a COO.

Paulius Stankevicius did not stop on the marketing industry only, he kept learning as his second interest of business was trading. Already in 2016 and 2017 he gained experience in general trade and in 2020 the experience went beyond when international trade deals took place for medical equipments supply to very large companies including publicly listed and even governments.

As of today, Paulius Stankevicius has a personal record of a total number of consulted clients exceeding 500 companies and individuals. His interest and passion for business is extending further to new sectors which are finance and banking. In the recent reports and announcements Paulius Stankevicius announced to be opening up a banking service later in 2021.

Between 2014 and 2017, Paulius Stankevicius co-founded multiple startup ventures with other people, however he put most of his time to his PR firm, Stankevicius MGM, which stands for masters in global media. Later in 2020, he opened a new consulting firm for general trading consulting called Stankevicius International. Both of the firms now, Stankevicius MGM and Stankevicius International are under Stankevicius Group.

It is common that many of Paulius Stankevicius clients, after working with him, end up inviting him to join their company as a co/founder, CXO or Partner. Paulius Stankevicius has a great reputation with customers in understanding their needs.