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December 16, 2017



New wave of Cryptocurrency to watch out for

Since 2009, when the first Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) was launched, there has been numerous other cryptocurrencies on the market and that boom and curresponding rise in value and utilisation will only continue to rise1. And in 2017, we will likely see a continued jump and interest of the blockchain and further maturing of cryptocurrency (not just

Apple Vs FBI: All you need to know

Apple Inc is resisting a federal court order that it help the US government break into the iPhone 5c of Rizwan Farook, who along with his wife killed 14 people in a December shooting in San Bernardino, California, which the government has described as a terror attack. The government has asked Apple to create a

Dan Nicholson

Profit, Finance, and Strategy on ADP’s Thrive Platform

Dan Nicholson of Nth Degree CPAs of Seattle has been selected by ADP to share his accounting and business knowledge on ADP’s Thrive Platform. He has had four articles approved and published with ADP (Automatic Data Processing) for these business categories: Profit Maximization, Finance, and Business Strategy. Nicholson says, “When they launched the Thrive platform

BROWNINVEST is emerging as leading investment firm in New York

These days, There are a lot of issues about cryptocurrency. Its reason comes from the increasing price of ethereum and bitcoin. One of the officially established trading company is Browninvest. Though their service was launched in USA and Latin America at first, their service spread naturally.Because of the fact that people tend to seek for


No law firm is a business entity created one or more attorneys, who are their clients’ interests together. Advocates of these companies may also allow other lawyers who work with them, called partners. In a law firm, the partners not only profits and losses of the action taken, as well as risks associated with the

National Philanthropic Trust UK

Donor-Advised Funds closing in on £1 billion for charities: grants to charities reach historic levels National Philanthropic Trust UK Report

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom – 12 December, 2016 — Today the National Philanthropic Trust UK (NPT-UK) published UK’s first ever donor-advised fund (DAF – charitable savings account) report. It shows charitable assets held in these accounts is reaching £1 billion in the UK – the highest ever. Contributions to donor-advised fund accounts in 2015 was an

The first global platform dedicated to free zone investment has launched its website

[PRESSWIRE] Dubai, UAE – 22.12.16 — Free Zone Watch, a dynamic web platform bringing together global investors, free zones, free zone-based companies, investment agencies, and business groups around the globe, has launched its website, www.freezonewatch.com, on 21 December, 2016. Free Zone Watch is dedicated to attracting sustainable investment to free zones – that is, free trade

Ethtrade stops paying out to high-rollers

Even if we have warned people about various scams in the past, people don’t realize their fault. In case of Ethtrade, they stopped some big volume investor’s payout these days. These investor’s reports went reported in Feb. 2017. For every investor who did some research in advance before they invest, it was obvious that Ethtrade

GAP Auto Insurance

The Basics of GAP Insurance

The Basics of GAP Insurance GAP insurance is also referred to as Guaranteed Asset Protection or Guaranteed Auto Protection insurance. This type of insurance bridges the gap between the payment on the actual insurance policy and the car loan owed by the customer (i.e., the difference between what the insurance company plans to pay and

Crowdfunding and Capital Gains through NET CAPITAL

Finally, we are seeing more than a dozen crowdfunding websites where the crowd can make money.  Under Title III of the JOBS Act, which launched this year, a FINRA approved and SEC registered crowdfunding website can act as an intermediary and offer for sale securities in early-stage companies.  Instead of doing Kickstarter, where you are

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