Nasdaq’s latest interview offered a most welcomed surprise that could disrupt data management for years to come.

The National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, or Nasdaq for short, is the very first electronic market which dates from 1971, that has seen many companies rise and fall across its vast lifespan. Their Nasdaq MarketSite recently hosted a memorable discussion and presented us with a company that shines in terms of ingenuity and good intentions.

Dr. Christian Lange, CEO of Opiria was a special guest at the latest Nasdaq interview, where he discussed in detail his company’s goals and vision. The interview took place yesterday evening, with the interviewer being none other than Jane King herself.

What makes Opiria stand in front of other companies is their mission of helping consumers everywhere realize the true importance of their personal data. As Dr. Lange himself stated, personal data is “the oil of the 21st century” that empowers our digital world.

Through our simple internet navigation, we create valuable information that can be used by companies in order to manufacture potential products that we, as consumers, might require in the future. Unfortunately, due to its recognized value, our data is misappropriated by brokers across the internet’s infrastructure in order to be sold to other companies without our knowledge or consent. Data brokerage is a 250 billion USD per year business, and none of us, the consumers, benefit from it.

Opiria’s vision is to put the power back into our hands, by providing us with a platform that allows our data to remain secure from other unwanted parties and gives us the choice of selling our individual data to companies we see fit. Dr. Lange’s solution regarding consumer reluctance to sell their data is consistent with both consumers and company needs, by offering both what they require whilst providing complete transparency and high-quality service.

Jane King was pleasantly surprised with Opiria’s vision, and especially with their top-tier clientele, which includes recognizable brands such as Audi, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes etc. As a CEO herself – CEO of LilaMax Media – the number one broadcaster for Nasdaq MarketSite, Jane was delighted with Christian Lange’s insightful thoughts and future plans.

Mister Douglas Anderson, a seasoned entrepreneur with personal experience in the business world that spans for decades, was also part of the interview and fully supported their plans and business approach. In his own words: “Opiria is a shining example of crypto offerings stretching out to a new marketplace, with a great management that has the fundamentals and serious clients.”

Recent public interest works well with Opiria’s goal due to misuse of personal data from notorious AAA companies such as Facebook or Google. With so much of our privacy being violated, we have become reluctant to offer our personal data to companies whose only interest is providing better products for us. This is where Opiria makes the difference, by offering a secure ecosystem for users, as well as granting them the opportunity to sell their data to companies directly; thus effectively eliminating unwanted middlemen from the equation.

We, as consumers, are delighted that companies such as Opiria care about our data and are working towards a future where a trustworthy relationship can be restored between companies and consumers.