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June 29, 2017


19 Year Old Social Entrepreneur Writes Songs for Cancer Patients

Nashville, TN — 19 year old Social Entrepreneurship major Isabella Day of Belmont University has led her peers into creating Soaring Soul Compositions, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose aim it is to ease the burden of grief and the suffering of cancer patients with personalised musical compositions tailored to the patient. Day, the founder and

Men’s Review Zone Celebrates Its Anniversary

LOS ANGELES — Men’s Review Zone, a site on men’s health related blogs and reviews, is celebrating its anniversary. This site has spent another year of enlightening minds not just on matters pertaining male enhancement but also on men’s health as a whole. Its sole purpose is to publish unbiased, scientific and honest editorial reviews on

Are Japanese People Obese?

Are Japanese People Obese?

In 2008, the University of Pennsylvania conducted a survey which determined the relationship between the number of fast food restaurants in a location and the rate of obesity. This might be a fact within U.S, but the notion does not hold any truth when applied across the globe. The best example is Japan. This nation

How to find an Effective Addiction Treatment In Thailand

How to find an Effective Addiction Treatment in Thailand People with addiction often look for different addiction treatment options in Thailand, but are confused as to which one is best for them. If you have decided that enough is enough and wish to wean yourself or your loved one from some form of addiction, you

5 Ideas To Heal Your Digestion Naturally

5 Ideas To Heal Your Digestion Naturally

Are you constantly bloated and constipated? Do you have gas and acid reflux? Do you wish you would feel better after eating? You are not alone. Digestive issues are so common in our days, because of our poor diet choices and the lack of education. The overabundance of processed food, animal fat and industrial sugar

Why you Should Go Abroad to an International Rehab?

If you have come to terms with your addiction and have decided to end it, chances are that you are exploring your options where you can get addiction treatment. There might be a number of options for you to choose from in your home country depending on your needs and your finances. What many people

A Non-Dairy and Gluten Free lovers dream company, “Taste This Foods”

The world of non-dairy and gluten free foods can leave many people with a tiring battle to find the best tasting foods. Now introducing “Taste This Foods”, designed by celebrity TV Chef Joe Ciminera has many people writing. A walk through Chef Joe’s kitchen in Bellmore was similar to a tour at Willy Wonka’s Factory. The aromas of dried rosemary, smoke

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