Macon, GA – A recent study has found over 160 chemicals in personal and cosmetic care products. A sustainable solution could be in a Georgia-based 100% organic wellness company that takes aim at the proliferation of potentially toxic chemicals commonly found in many of today’s personal care and cosmetic products.

“Women are exposed daily to over 167 chemicals in the personal care and cosmetic products we use every day,” said Val McLeod, CEO, Healthy Place Legacy. “The body cannot absorb this toxicity and science is confirming that the accumulated effect can result in major health consequences for women.”

Committed to combating beauty product toxicity by bringing toxin and chemical-free products into homes and the lives of women, Healthy Place Botanicals extends solutions for health and beauty concerns being aggravated across the lifestyle and cosmetics industry. Its products and expert opinions are a go-to source for natural wellness, especially in underserved markets, and are rooted in the belief that beauty should promote healing instead of harm.

“Vanity and valuing our health should not be mutually exclusive,” commented Jerome Hughes, Founder & Visionary, Healthy Place Botanicals. “Western culture contributes to its own health crisis by putting so much emphasis on our external appearance without regard to how our health is negatively impacted. My wife, mother, daughter and granddaughter lives matter more to me.”

About Healthy Place Botanicals

Healthy Place Botanicals, a corporate provider of premium, organic health products, prioritizes all-natural, organic products to encourage healthy living over profit. The company is fully committed to increasing awareness of the dangers from constant exposure to chemicals in everyday hair, face, and body products, and how such exposure affects internal wellness.

Healthy Place Botanicals is emerging into a leading market provider of natural products for public health, prioritizing healthiness and well-being over harm and profit.

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