To golf analysts and casual fans, it may seem like Bubba Watson had a bit of a down year during the 2018-2019 PGA Tour season. But for Watson, success means more than just what happens on the course.

Coming off a 2017-2018 campaign that saw the Bagdad, Florida native take home three PGA Tour victories, there were high hopes heading into this year. And although Watson was unable to match that win total, there are plenty of golfers that would gladly take what Watson himself called a “bad year.”

Even without securing a PGA Tour title in any of his 20 events this season, Watson managed to snag three top 10 finishes and seven finishes in the top 25. In addition to those competitive outings, he ended the season with the ninth best ratio of holes played to eagles made thanks in large part to his always impressive drive distances.

However, it’s not all about on-the-course achievements for the 40-year-old father of two. In recent years, Watson has transformed himself from being “just a golfer” to being an entrepreneur, team owner, selfless philanthropist, and CBD spokesman.

In this era of sports stars resisting the notion that all they’re good for is their athletic skills, Bubba Watson is a shining example of what it means to be more than an athlete. Since moving to Pensacola, Watson has become a pillar of the community through both his business and philanthropic endeavors.

Among these endeavors are a car dealership, a driving range, an ownership stake in Pensacola’s Minor League Baseball team the Blue Wahoos, considerable donations to the Studer Family Children’s Hospital, and a candy shop where his mother occasionally works behind the counter. Watson even hopes to be elected mayor of Pensacola someday.

And if that sounds like an exhausting list of events and obligations, don’t forget to add his family and day job as a top-25 golfer in the World Golf Rankings to the mix. With such a demanding schedule that seemingly gives him zero days off, it’s no wonder that keeping himself in top shape is one of his biggest priorities.

To help him stay at the top of his game, both on and off the course, Watson has employed a number of new techniques and products – one of which came in the form of a partnership with nationally recognized CBD brand, cbdMD.

Many golfers on the PGA Tour have begun turning to CBD as a way to keep them feeling comfortable on the course. But despite its current widespread acceptance on the Tour, it was Watson’s endorsement of cbdMD that seemed to truly open the flood gates.

“I’ve personally felt the benefits of cbdMD’s products. cbdMD is the safest on the market and I am proud to partner with them to help millions feel better,” Watson stated about his partnership with the Charlotte, NC-based company.

In addition to his commitment to keeping up with the physical demands of his busy life, Watson has recently commented on the fact that he now consults with a mental health coach to make sure his mind is as sharp as his club skills.

“For me it’s all about mental, and I’ve been working hard,” Watson said in an interview with “Gosh, we’ve seen other athletes come out with mental problems and different things, so this whole year I’ve been dealing with some stuff and just trying to get better at it.”

It would have been easy for Bubba Watson to rest on his laurels after winning two Masters titles in three years early in his professional career, but the self-taught golfer refuses to fade into obscurity.

Although this most recent season may not have gone quite like he had hoped, there’s no doubt that those disappointments will be fresh in Bubba’s mind as he trains during the off season with the goal of returning himself to the top of the golf world once again.