Eddie Otero is a filmmaker and influencer in both fashion and film. Born in Venezuela, Eddie has gained an impressive social media following surrounding his passions for film and styling. I sat down with Eddie recently to learn more about his drive, passion, and journey to becoming a leading influencer in the fashion and film world and to see what lessons others can take away from his experiences.

`Eddie, where did your passion for film come from?

Ever since I was a kid I was inclined into arts, staring at around the age of three. I remember attending painting classes then and at the age of fourteen I started doing photography, largely on my own. I was from there that a passion for film developed, and it hasn’t gone away sense.

What does being an “influencer” mean to you?

To be completely honest, being an “influencer” means nothing to me. Nowadays people use that title for people that have any sort of “following,” but I’m more about leaving a legacy in this world. That can happen even if I only have ten people like one of my pictures. I admire a lot of people who don’t have a big following and they have done big stuff.

Can anyone be any influencer, or do you need to have a specific following to be influential in an industry or space?

Yes, anyone can be influential. Just find your uniqueness and share yourself and your vision with others.

You work with a lot of brands. How do you decide which to work with? Or do you work with them all?

No, I am picky and selective when it comes to what I put in front of my followers. In fact, I decline most of the offers I get. I prefer to stay true to my fans, and if I don’t believe in a brand, I can’t publicly support it in good faith.

What’s it like to have people admire you, your story, and your work?

It makes me feel great and accomplished, but it also adds a lot of pressure to my shoulders. It makes want to get better and better not only for myself but for those who follow me and believe in my story. I don’t want them to ever feel like I’ve left them down.

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