Luc Longmire, Forex and Network Marketing

Nothing is out of the ordinary for Luc Longmire at this point in his career. He has travelled to 22 countries in 2019, has been blessed to possess luxurious material items, and impacts thousands of entrepreneurs on a global stage. Since beginning to work in the forex and networking marketing fields, he has quickly risen to become the top educator in his space and aims to create 1,000 millionaires by 2021. He credits his success to his relentless work ethic and extreme coachability, and doesn’t regret a single decision he has made up to this point in his life. He feels that financial wealth is important, but giving back to others and making a massive impact is what truly matters at this point. Being selfless is crucial to him, because there was a point in his life where everyone counted him out. 

There was a point in Luc’s life where he was dealing drugs while being addicted to painkillers, and the whole world had counted him out. At a time where help from others would have made a massive positive impact on his life, he had only himself to rely on to pull himself through such a troubling time in his life. Luckily for him, his massive willpower and need to be successful allowed him to get his life together and gain the experience necessary to crush it as a trader and marketer. He was able to gain valuable experience as a manager at both Lowe’s and Gold’s Gym, and stayed clear of trouble for good. His comeback story is admirable, but he still experienced failure along the way. Luc advises anyone that stumbles along the way to learn from it, as failure is truly the best teacher. And take it from Longmire himself: never let anyone count you out. 

Nick Rogers, Business Driven Dream 

At just 20 years old, Nick Rogers has founded and scaled his business education brand, Business Driven Dream, to hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. To continue his efforts of expanding, Nick has recently launched the BDD website, which features articles from reputable contributors, global and national business news, and courses curated by industry professionals for beginners. Before BDD, Nick decided to drop out of the University of Pittsburgh after just two months to begin working for himself and follow his passions With the network he’s built growing his brand online, he’s made the connections and gained the skills necessary to launch a marketing agency, Pvsted Media. The agency specializes in what Nick knows best, building brands on social media. By helping clients grow both their personal and business brands on social media, they are able to have a wider reach and create a major impact on the niche their audiences are targeted in. 

On his current success as of late, Nick has remained grounded: “We looked at our competition and were humbled. It’s easy to get lost in your own head when you get a little taste of victory and success. I was humbled.” Nick and his brand are on a trajectory that will allow him to compete with the big players by the end of 2020. “Why?” Nick stated, “Because I kept a long term vision intact and actually paid attention to what others were doing in the space.” Needless to say, be sure to remember Nick Rogers and his brand, Business Driven Dream. They’re both here to stay, and they are just getting started. 

Chris Diaz, The Chris Diaz Agency

Chris Diaz has mastered the art of networking. Through years of fostering relationships and expanding his brand online, he currently has a digital network filled with elite businesses, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and influencers that allow him to bring substantial growth to his clients’ brands. By leveraging the audiences that his connections have, he can bring massive exposure to his clients’ social media pages and expand it efficiently and effectively. Running a branding agency from your phone may seem like a dream, but it is incredibly time consuming and difficult. According to Chris, the biggest challenge is “How much time it takes to constantly engage with other users, followers, and niche based pages. It’s pretty much equivalent to running a full time business.” 

Chris strongly believes that one of the most important things anyone can do for themselves is to build your social presence and personal brand online. With it, you can “Classify yourself as a leader in your industry, expert in your niche, and gives you the credibility you can trust. It’s basic psychology to understand the theory of social proof.” Chris also can’t emphasize enough just how important relationships are. He has become surrounded by mutually beneficial relationships, and his career has skyrocketed as a result. His agency, which is centered on personal branding and is the marketing of the future, is predicated on relationships. Chris is a living proof of how your network can often determine your net worth.

Sam Habib, Sam Habib Internet Media 

SEO, or search engine optimization, is essential for any online business in today’s digital age. Sam Habib quickly understood the importance of SEO, and went all in on it. He invested into a mentor who taught him SEO and how he made a great living off of it, and within 3 months Sam was able to drop his day job as a chicken delivery boy and work for a billion dollar Fortune 500 company with his own office. Habib was the only one in the entire company without a college degree, and he was also the youngest employee in the entire company at just 19 years old. 

Sam is proof that hard work and a relentless mindset can get you anywhere. As he began working at the Fortune 500 company, he still had a second job at Dunkin Donuts, and worked around 100 hours a week between the two jobs. As he began to gain traction with SEO, he gained enough reputation to open his own agency. From there, his income continued to rise as his agency scaled consistently. Before long, Sam was providing SEO services to multi location medical practices, and started grossing $50,000 a month. Sam wants everyone who is just starting to understand the following: “People don’t think it’s possible for them to succeed until they know that you are just like them, and success can become a reality for them.” Sam Habib never had the odds on his side, but he never relented and grinded until he found success. To anyone who feels like they’ll never break through, take Sam’s advice: it is absolutely possible. 

Brad Walston, Walston Ventures

Brad Walston has known the importance of hard work since childhood. As a teen, he was forced to get a part time job while pursuing his diploma just so he could pay the bills to keep the electricity in his apartment running after his mother abandoned him. After being the first person in his family in his college to graduate college, Brad opened his own firm that helped people in his community obtain mortgages, something his family never had the privilege of doing. As if that wasn’t enough, he soon joined the Phoenix police force and began mentoring the youth in the community he served. Before long, kids would be staying in touch with Walston to give him updates on their lives.

Today, Brad has recently launched Walston Ventures, an agency that helps landlords and property owners find long term suitors to occupy their properties. Walston takes extreme pride in his attention to detail, establishing solid partners with management companies and landlords. The service even offers professional cleaning twice weekly, a security system to ensure the property isn’t at risk, and a terrific insurance policy in the event something unfortunate happens. Regardless of the venture Brad takes on, it goes without seeing that he does it in the interest of others and he will give it his all. Look for Walston Ventures to take off in Phoenix and beyond.

Shawn Anthony, Schools Over… Now What?

 Shawn Anthony serves a massive audience by hosting his podcast, titled “School’s Over… Now What?” The podcast focuses on guiding his audience to finding success after graduation by interviewing people who have already found success themselves. Since launching in 2018, Shawn has drawn the attention of some of the world’s best business leaders, with 50 collective individuals worth over $2 billion combined. The podcast has reached the top 100 charts on Apple podcasts, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Off camera, Shawn has fostered real relationships with his guests, and the network he’s amassed in a short span of time as a result is nothing shy of amazing. His networking skills are undoubtedly top notch, but he’s been networking with people by the masses since he was a kid. 

Ever since Shawn was a youth, he’s seen how lucrative being effective as a communicator can be. His older brother was involved with event promotion, and Shawn soon followed suit. It was going so well that there was an instance where Shawn left a party with a few thousand dollars in cash in his hand at just 14 years old. Achieving this didn’t require any technical skills, just an ability to hype up an event and get the word out to raise awareness for it. As a result, he began to correlate networking and wealth together.  Not only did possessing those skills help him cash in as a high schooler, but they translated to the corporate world as well. In just 4 years, Anthony saw himself get promoted 6 different times. Needless to say, Anthony’s ability to double down on his skills and make a career out of it while helping others following him follow suit has garnered him massive success in a short period of time. 

LaVonne Idlette, Reddish Bull Finance 

LaVonne started Reddish Bull Finance with her father in 2012, and their joint effort turned out to be dynamic. He was the man behind the scenes making the company operate at a high level while LaVonne was out making connections and building relationships to help scale the company with little to no advertising. Their operations are so efficient that they close virtually 100% of the loans that they pre-approve. On her own, LaVonne has a consulting firm, B3 Inc. The firm specializes in advising professional athletes and high net worth individuals on commercial real estate and business acquisitions. By putting her expertise in both real estate and law together, she is able to bring massive value to her clients that have the bank roll to invest in such expensive ventures but don’t have the expertise to make well educated decisions. Her attention to detail and dedicated work ethic aren’t a coincidence however. 

Since high school, LaVonne Idlette has known what it takes to perform consistently at a high level.  In high school, her accomplishments in track and field earned her a picture in the school’s hall of fame as big as Allen Iverson’s.  After competing in college at Hampton University, she still sought more. The peak of her career was when she was able to compete in the London Summer Olympics and represent America on a world stage. After college, although her trade is law, she went into real estate following suit with her father and grandfather. Since she was young, LaVonne has had a real estate license and has been immersed in the industry, spending a lot of time at her family’s offices. All of the skills she obtained by training for track and learning the trades of both law and real estate prepared her for massive success in her next endeavor. Clearly, all of her hard work has paid off thus far with all of the successes she’s seen in her businesses, and she’s excited for what’s to come. 

Justin Aldridge, Breaking Through You 

The basis of founding a business is to support yourself financially. While that is a given for everyone, not every business owner takes their work to heart and pours their life into ensuring their clients benefit before they do. For Justin Aldridge, his business Breaking Through You is personal. His services help his clients to wake up to the fragility of life and start living intentional, purposeful lives. For a period of time, Justin struggled to find the purpose of his own life. For a stretch of time, he dealt with undiagnosed anxiety that gripped him to the point where he was unable to think clearly, wasn’t hungry, and would wake up dizzy every morning. Through all of this, Justin discovered personal growth and started on the journey of transforming his life. 

Because of his struggles, Aldridge found his true passion of self development and eventually helping others to improve their lives. He was once a man who couldn’t even get out of bed in the morning to being able to speak in front of crowds and coach people individually. His phrase is “be uncommon”, and he is living proof of that after he was able to completely turn his life around and find his passion and monetize it. He emphasizes that becoming an entrepreneur did in fact scare him, but he was inspired by his fear. All throughout his childhood, he never had a lot of money and as a result always took the job that would give him a steady paycheck. He knew that the only way to feel fulfilled with what he was doing in life would be to overcome this fear and become an entrepreneur, and he decided to take massive action. Clearly, it’s paid dividends for him thus far and he’s looking to impact a massive amount of new people in the near future.