Online marketing and branding have evolved more in the last 5 years than any other industry. In 2014, if you asked someone what their brand was, they likely would have said their logo, their website or some variation of their business footprint. Today, your brand is your name and your name is your brand. The two have become so synonymous because of the wide array of options we have via social media. While Instagram has made the world reach much larger, it also has become smaller because word of mouth is more powerful than ever. If you do great work, people will hear about it on a massive scale. That’s exactly how Henry Kaminski started and scaled his agency Unique Designz from a graphic design side hustle, to a million dollar agency.

Henry Kaminski, who recently hit the 2 comma club via Click Funnels (over 1 million dollars sold), got his start over 10 years ago creating graphics, eventually building the operation into a full service agency. Kaminskis designs caught the eye of entrepreneurial superstar, Russell Brunson, who hired Henry to work for him full time at Click Funnels. For those that don’t know, Russell Brunson is the founder of the $360 million software business, ClickFunnels, which has helped millions of entrepreneurs start and scale their business.

When Henry started working with Brunson, he had a negative bank account, but never wavered in confidence because he knew his value to the marketplace. Henry joked that in the early days of Click Funnels, the designs looked like they were created by a dinosaur. Henry immediately gave the design a facelift and Brunson was so impressed that he brought him on as a full-time designer. This was where Henry got his first of many multi-million dollar clients, leading to his nickname “Million Dollar Brander.”

“If I had to give some advice to someone just starting out, I would tell them they should say yes to every project until they are so overwhelmed that they must say no. When you are just starting, you need experience and exposure to show people that you really are who you say you are,” said Kaminski.

Kaminski was so confident in his skillset that he would take on projects for free to showcase his expertise, knowing that it would lead to more business in the future. This mentality is what led him to meet Bon Jovi’s brother, eventually leading to working with their team. Having a client with that type of authority doesn’t come easy, but if you are willing to showcase your skills and prove your value for free, you give yourself the opportunity to work with bigger names that may not have listened otherwise.

Kaminski didn’t have the easiest path to success and his journey included road blocks such as increased competition in the marketplace and Hurricane Sandy, which wiped out his two biggest clients seemingly overnight. Again, he never doubted himself and continued with his core principles that kept growing his agency to where it is today. So what are his core principles?

Henry follows three core values that have helped him not only build his multimillion-dollar business, but also his life in general.

  1. Know who you are
  2. Show and prove your expertise
  3. Don’t take crap from anyone

Henry continuously preaches these core principles by putting out authentic daily content, communicating with potential clients, showcasing his work and building his personal brand. Henry understood before most, that your name is your brand and your brand is your name. If you think about it that way, you will serve your clients better and continue to grow your business. This mentality has led to massive success for Henry Kaminski and has helped him scale his business and his name, to new heights.