Over the last few years, the luxury industry is thought to have been making a transition from a focus on material goods to the creation of bespoke luxury experiences for clients worldwide. One company that has certainly capitalized on this transition is AIM Events.

AIM Events is one of the first companies worldwide to merge exclusive lifestyle memberships with world class event management and entertainment services. AIM Events is driven to create the best events worldwide and cater to all their of their clients’ needs which is why there is absolutely no request that is considered impossible by this firm.

Just recently, AIM Events launched its AIM All Access and AIM Seasonal lifestyle memberships that will provide members with unparalleled benefits in five star hotels, private members clubs, affluent night clubs and private aviation firms worldwide. These memberships are considered to be some of the most comprehensive lifestyle memberships that ever existed in the industry. Community, exclusivity and hospitality are the focal points of these programs and this company. The memberships will grant members access to the most exclusive community of members worldwide and offer unheard of experiences in many locations globally.

As a comprehensive lifestyle membership, AIM All Access does not just offer its members benefits in the most luxurious firms worldwide but actually carries included memberships to some of the best private members clubs and luxurious firms. Their memberships will also provide valuable and bespoke benefits to more than 1,000 international partner locations. They also offer access to incredible services such as real estate consulting and celebrity experiences worldwide. In order to maintain the highest and most personal level of service for every single member, AIM All Access and AIM Seasonal are both be limited to 500 members per year or per season.

The luxury industry is one that is constantly shifting and AIM Events continues to embrace and drive the changes in the industry by developing new products and ensuring that all of their clients receive an authentic and personal experience.