What would you do if you had complete freedom? If you were independent from a location, a schedule, and the everyday worries of financial stress? For 27-year-old Entrepreneur Julian Wagner, this is his reality.

Over the course of the last year, Julian has lived in over a dozen countries while managing his businesses through his laptop. In fact, he’s taken the concept of freedom to the next level by going as far as not having a permanent residence anywhere in the world. Regardless of how fun the concept of living in a different city every month may seem, he hasn’t always had this level of freedom.

Originating from Germany, Julian’s journey started on the opposite side of the spectrum. He was the Director of Marketing at a growing company, a position with job security and benefits. Although he was in a comfortable position many dream of, he quickly noticed the lack of freedom that came with working at a corporate 9 to 5.

After careful deliberation and a disagreement with his employer, Julian had made up his mind. He was going to take the leap and quit his corporate job. From this point moving forward he vowed to never work for anyone else ever again. Using his marketing and management experience, he partnered with another entrepreneur and started what would turn out to become his first seven-figure business.

If there’s any advice that we would be able to give to anyone looking to do the same, it would be the following four lessons.

     1. Always deliver on your promises. Whether that’s to a client, an employee, or even a friend. Not only do you feel better when you deliver, you develop an environment of trust for yourself and those around you.

     2. Your emotions and environment dictate how productive you are. When you’re in a good state of mind everything you create is better.

     3. Never undervalue yourself. You’re capable of much more than you know. You just have to believe it enough to do it.

     4. Do what you love. As cliché as it sounds, loving what you do makes getting out of bed in the morning ten times easier.

Currently Julian spends a lot of his time in bouncing between London and Los Angeles, with bi-monthly trips to random countries he may find interesting. In 2018 going into 2019, Julian plans to continue traveling the world and growing his businesses. He remains an advocate for the freedom that comes with entrepreneurship freedom and aspires to be a role model for those looking to do follow his footsteps.