It is no secret that the world has evolved and optimized efficiency. Simply look at how landlines were replaced by cell phones, desktops morphed into laptops, scrapbooking turned into Instagram, and even birthday cards have gone by the wayside for the more popular Facebook message.

The only way to survive in this ever-changing world is to change with it, and to actually thrive, one must identify new trends and get ahead of them, which is exactly what the entire Kort family has done when it comes to running a family business and making money.

Danny and Laurie Kort, having grown up in a much different era, spent most of their lives raising, nurturing, and operating a small, traditional family business. Although successful for more than 25 years now, it has never granted a promising future in terms of retirement or passive income.

Danny and Laurie were only aware of two options: work forever or perhaps sell the company to one of their five children, all of whom have established careers of their own or were in school pursuing a degree to do so. It’s true when they say, “You don’t know what you don’t know”, and they just didn’t know.

The traditional way of thinking, which most can agree is outdated, paralyzes opportunity for growth. Laurie and Danny’s son, Tom Kort, began to recognize that at 19 years old. Although grateful for all that his parents had provided for him and his four sisters, he knew that there had to be another way that made more sense.

While sitting in his dorm room in 2012, Tom began to question what the future looked like. How could he live comfortably, be successful, learn, grow and impact others, without spending thousands of dollars for a degree that is not as valuable as it once was?

He disliked the idea of the debt he was incurring, pounding the pavement to be hired (just to be told what he’s worth), and working paycheck to paycheck for someone else. And it was that same night that changed the direction of Tom’s, and the rest of the Kort family’s life.

Tom met someone who would ultimately have a huge impact on him, and this person introduced him to the idea that collaboration is far better than competition, and that if you work smarter, not harder, you can learn leverage and make your money work for you. Excited and eager, Tom called Laurie (at 2:00 am) and relayed what he had learned about the power of networking and monetizing it.

Laurie had been approached many times before about looking at the Network Marketing/Direct Sales industry. Assumptions were the main reason she had never taken a closer look, but she encouraged him to investigate it some more and promised him she would do her due diligence as well. By 9:00 pm that evening, the decision was made that this was worth pursuing.

For the last seven years, this Mom/Son team went to work. They have learned the industry, mastered a combined skill set, shared their passion and changed the direction of their lives. As a result of their successes and unique dynamic, Laurie and Tom were featured in the books “Momprenuers in Network Marketing” and “Millennials in Network Marketing”.

Soon it was clear that a formal partnership made sense and they lead the charge to build teams consisting of several thousand people and created a very desirable and uplifting culture that people wanted to be a part of.

By becoming professionals in the space, they began to build a passive income, resulting in money to invest, paying off student loan debts, and so much more. In addition, they guided and helped other people achieve their goals and learn the power of this industry.

Due to their ability to build such a well-known reputation within the Network Marketing/Direct Sales space, many doors have been opened and endless connections have been made. They have been recognized on stages across the country and been honored for exemplary business building.

Their commitment to excellence in this industry has resulted in more success, more money, travelling to more places, networking with more people, building more relationships with many influencers, and growing more spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

For Tom and Laurie, an added bonus has been teaching these same lessons to the rest of the family. Danny, Kristin, Alicia, Liz and Caitlyn have also caught the entrepreneurial bug, love networking with people, and have parlayed that in their own way.

Accolades aside, the Korts value two things over all the rest: the time spent working and growing together as a family, and the time spent building relationships with people who have turned into family. With a deep desire to help and leave an impact on others, the mindset that, “It doesn’t matter what you have, but who you have”, has been the largest contributor to the success of the Kort family, and nothing in the world means more to them than making an impact in the lives of others.

Take a look at what others have to say about them:

“We all know how powerful the Law of Association is. I strive to associate myself with the Korts often, and I compare the character of others to them. Every member of the Kort family are ethical, energetic, and so welcoming. They are incredibly gifted at creating STRONG cultures in each one of their business ventures! If you are ever wondering what a leader looks like, look no further.”
– Rob Sperry, CEO and Author of The Game of Networking
(Facebook: Rob Sperry, The Game of Networking – Instagram: @TheGameofNetworking
Purchase his book here:

“The Korts are pioneering a new era of family entrepreneurship. By leading with love and leveraging technology, they’ve been able to create a family business that’s not only profitable financially, but also relationally. They’ve become masters of building businesses that brings families together, rather than driving them apart.”
– Luke Hessler, CEO of Invigor8
(Facebook: Luke Hessler, Invigor8Official – Instagram: @Luke_Hessler, @Invigor8.Official)

“The Kort family is one that I’ll never forget and will always be grateful to have in my life. They literally feel like a second family to me, and to just about everyone else, too! They are easily some of the most positive, ambitious, and loving individuals I’ve ever met. I love being around them and working with them, in both business and life. Get these people in your life; you’ll be glad you did!”
– Alex Lombard, CEO of VisionWall
(Facebook: Alex Lombard, VisionWall – Instagram: @VisionWall)

Some people would assume that the Korts have made it, and justifiably so given their results in the past seven years; however, things are just getting started for this family. Laurie highly encourages parents to learn from their children. “You’d be surprised, but they know more than we think they do,” Laurie says, lightheartedly.

Firm believers in their next work is their BEST work, they couldn’t be more eager as they embark and grow their newest, unexpected and most exciting project yet. The nature of this next chapter is to help people embrace their divine uniqueness, while living a healthier and wealthier lifestyle.

The first step to change is deciding to do so. The second step is realizing our world is changing faster than ever and choosing to adapt with it. The third step is to lean into that change and embrace it, and the fourth is to find a mentor.

If you find yourself looking for change and/or growth, to live healthier and/or wealthier, or you simply need a bigger, better support system to reach your goals, we encourage you to connect and partner with Tom and Laurie Kort and family. They have a natural and genuine ability of welcoming everyone with open arms. They can be best reached via social media, email address, or website:

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