“Experts use an algorithm and technique that analyzes statistics, probabilities, performance hi“Experts use an algorithm and technique that analyzes statistics, probabilities, performance history, and many other elements to form the best prediction possible. With ExtraTips, improve your sports betting odds and increase your winnings at the same time.” story, and many other elements to form the best prediction possible.”

April 9, 2019 – ExtraTips is now offering free football stats and betting tips to make you more informed, prolific, and prosperous in your sports betting endeavors. Users can get access to a team of experts and their predictions to improve their professional betting tips at no cost, improving your odds of winning bets and taking home money in the process.

Betting successfully in sports can be hard to pull off. Most people do not have all the information required to make the best bet possible and even fewer know how to calculate all the statistics and probabilities required to make the strongest predictions possible. But with ExtraTips, users have access to free betting tips that help to make sense of the fast-paced sports world by eliminating some of its unpredictability, showing you the best pick in any major matchup that increases your odds of winning.

At ExtraTips, true sports pundits perform an extensive analysis to publish the most accurate tips and insider sports information, making the most accurate predictions in the football world and sharing it all with you at no cost. Their experts use algorithms and techniques that analyze statistics, probabilities, performance history, and many other elements to form the best predictions possible and maximize one’s odds. Each market is covered by an experienced and specialized punter that can provide the best predictions worldwide in any matchup. While the experts do the work, use their H2H results and statistics to improve your chances for making money and enjoying the game more.

“ExtraTips is the premier provider for sports betting information,” commented ExtraTips Founder & CEO. “Our experts work tirelessly to analyze statistics, probabilities, performance history, and more, so you do not have to. Instead, all our audience has to do isbrowse our website and see their odds for each pick. Follow the suggestions of our experts, and you can increase your odds of winning and walking home with cash. ExtraTips is a secret weapon in your pocket.”

Founded with the goal of helping sports betters to make the right decision and to pick the best betting strategy in any situation, ExtraTips tipsters analyze dozens worldwide competitions, players, and teams daily, enabling you to increase your chances of winning time and time again.  The latest statistics for matches are always calculated and available so you can make the best bet and prediction possible without advanced notice. Following the recommendations of ExtraTips tipsters has been shown to increase your odds of making big profits and experiencing success in the sports betting world, and these experts take pride in their ability to predict correctly and to call matches with success before they even happen.

Our audience around the world swears by the power of ExtraTipsin simplifying sports betting and increasing one’s odds of winning. Countless users have said their success in sports betting increased after finding ExtraTips and following the advice of its experts. For the chance to experience similar results and improved odds, consult with ExtraTips.com before waging your next bet to make the most informed decision possible in every match.

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