It has been phenomenal to witness the creative rise of Lorenzo Adams. Adams’ evolution on his path to success is a story that creators of every type can relate to and be inspired by. In a highly competitive, saturated industry, Adams offers inspiration for those fellow “culture architects” who put their own original work, insights, and ideas out into the world. His successful transition from YouTube to television was driven by a triad of talent, action, and creativity, along with boundless on-camera energy.

As a creator of original, insanely watchable content on his YouTube channel @NerdBallerTV, Adams gained an incredibly enthusiastic following on social media. Heis able to connect with his audience, match their brainwaves, and move them. His videos are impossible to miss. Youhave seen him in Princess Rap BattleandSmosh, to name just a few. Adams has been able to rise to a notable place in the cultural imaginary.

The decision to embark on acareer in television was sparked by his innate gift for acting.

Performing of any kind requires expression, confidence, anda dynamic personality. Adams’ ability to translate that energy on-screen is clear.In the television industry, it is fundamental tounderstand who you are as a person and be confident in who that is. Hard work and perseverance are vital to separate yourself in this highly competitive, selective business which is known for being difficult to break into. Despite the difficulty, Adams has used his acting caliber and abilities to make a study of human behavior, while making a name for himself.

Acting, bynature,is a collaborative process. Adams naturally seeks out projects that involve other artists.Not only has hebeen able to makesolid connections, but every collaboration has been an opportunity to further hone his skills.Highly imaginative and willing to exchange ideas, Adams is notable for harnessing the connection to his imagination and effectively presenting that energy to his peers and his audience.

As a naturally creative person, Adams takes pride in doing things at his absolute best level.Achievement of success is driven by the determination to pursue a dream. But even after you decide to pursue that dream, you still have to actually attain it. It takes energy to achieve your goals and dream, the same type of energy it takes to act.

Fully committed to his craft, and the lifestyle that comes with it, Lorenzo Adams is seizing what is rightfully his: success.

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