Vip Casting Call is a team of greedy managers who are engaged in the search and production of new individuals and personalities.

It is an indispensable intermediary between novice actors, dancers, models and production studios. Since 2011 coverage of the working area has grown to several countries, among them: USA, Great Britain, Canada & Australia.

Vip Casting call is an excellent starting place for those who are just making their first steps in the field of show business. The company does not take money ahead, Vip Casting call receives profit and benefits only when managers managed to find work for you. Their interest is 15% of your income, that’s why they are trying to sell your time more expensive.

We spoke to several wards of VipCasting call to get feedback first hand. All the personalities are very different, we cannot say that everyone is a future top model, but as the VipCastingCall team asserts, the projects are very different, and the demand is for different types.

Cameron: “I work as a secretary, frankly, the work is boring, so I was looking for some vacancies in the field of show business. My attitude was ironic, but fortune adores jokes. I came across VipCastingCall, took fresh photos in the studio, and waited for my star time. In a week I got a call and was invited as a model on the hairstyle show, I have long hair. It was an interesting experience, and the first easy-earned money. After also been invited to the shooting of the clip and advertising. I am pleased with the cooperation with

Jeff also decided to give the review about the company Vip Casting Call: “I’m just an ordinary guy from Chicago. I regularly attend the gym and lead a healthy lifestyle. Permanent job is in Security Company. But I wanted adventures, I really wanted to go to LA, so I was looking for opportunities. And I did it, I had not gone for good, but when I was invited to a secondary role in the film, the shooting took place in LA. And I think this was the start. I earned quite well. I’m waiting for other offers from VipCastingCall.