Thomas Rodriguez remembers the day when his mother threw him out of the house. He was only a teenager at the time and hadn’t finished his high school education yet. Neither of them could have imagined that one day, Thomas would purchase her a brand-new car. That is the power of forgiveness and becoming successful.

Of course, Thomas had a tough road to success. It wasn’t easy supporting himself as a young man with no high school diploma or college degree. The only jobs he could get were low-paying blue-collar jobs which had no future to them. After a few months at each job, he would either quit or get laid off before going to the next meaningless job. That was his life up until the middle of his 20s. 

When Thomas was 24 years of age, he made an accidental discovery which changed the course of his life forever. He saw the potential to make money online. This was more money than he could ever make at a regular job, even if it were a professional white-collar job.

First, Thomas tried out multi-level marketing and made several thousands of dollars doing that. Then he pursued a more profitable business as a dropshipper on Amazon and made a decent amount of money doing that. It was so much money that Thomas didn’t even realize he was a millionaire until he sat down and started adding up all the profits.

Perhaps, Thomas never would have found this successful path in his life if he hadn’t been thrown out onto the streets with nowhere to live. Whatever animosity Thomas felt toward his mother is now gone. Since his mother was somebody who struggled her whole life to make ends meet, he wanted to do the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for her. So, he surprised her with a new car that he paid for in cash. No car payments owed.

Thomas is a true believer in giving back to people who deserve it. Not only did he give back to his mother, but he is also giving back to other entrepreneurs who are struggling just like he used to struggle. Rather than watching them make countless mistakes in their dropshipping pursuits, Thomas is offering to them multiple automated income-generating storefronts on Amazon.

All they need to do is invest a little bit of money in the Amazon Automation Empire program, which Thomas has created specifically for them. After a one-on-one consultation with Thomas, each entrepreneurial/student will be on their way to earning a significantly decent passive income simply by being a member of his program. 

Thomas is now a world traveler, coach, philanthropist, self-made mult-millionaire, marketer, and entrepreneur. He flies in private jets and fully lives the American dream. In his private life, Thomas is raising a young daughter who will likely be inspired by her father’s success and try to start her own business someday too. It’ll be easy too because she’ll have her father there to guide her every step of the way.