In the age of social media and personal branding, there are several entrepreneurs who have become household names through years of reputable work and diligent branding work. But, there is always room for new movers and shakers who are doing incredible work. While there are many young entrepreneurs making a name for themselves, here are 10 entrepreneurs that you need to be on the lookout for for the rest of 2019 and beyond. 

Quiane Crews, LPG Technology 

Quiane is involved with a number of ventures, including a lifestyle brand and a PR press company. But what is most astounding is his tech venture with his company, LPG Technology. At just 23 years old, Quiane is the youngest person to independently develop his own smartphone. He has never been one to shy away from a challenge, and his Proxelo smartphone is physical proof. Partnering with a manufacturer in Shenzhen China to produce his phone and with Brent Beeman to be the president of LPG, Quiane looks to disrupt the tech industry and rival the massive corporations that run it.

Jake Havron, Personal Wellness Coach

Jake has made a career out of his passion for fitness. Not only has he been able to help his clients achieve real and sustainable results in both their mind and body, but he does online training for people with disabilities. By providing modified exercises, nutrition plans, and personal coaching, he is one of the few in the fitness industry that provides a service that allows people with disabilities to feel empowered in their own bodies. By following his passion, Jake is able to pour all of his efforts into his clients to give them the best service possible all without feeling like he’s working a day in his life.

Jerome Clarah, Forex and FreeMinds

Jerome has been involved with the foreign exchange industry for over three years. He has not only become an expert in the art of trading forex, he is able to share his wisdom with people by the masses. Jerome is a believer in finding real success through helping others, and he is able to live out his truth through both forex and his digital marketing agency. His marketing agency, FreeMinds is still in the startup phase, but the company will provide massive value to its clients through photography, videography, branding, website building, and consulting. 

Hector Gonzalez, Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

Hector has mastered the art of storytelling to grow his clients’ personal brands. While social media certainly helps brand growth, long form copy writing such as PR articles and press releases allow an audience to truly get to know someone’s true story, which Hector has the ability to unearth and release to the masses. He also aids brand growth for influencers, coaches, and experts through marketing. Hector provides value to people by auditing their marketing strategies and gives them solutions that will help grow their brand in a more efficient, cost effective manner. Hector Gonzalez will leave a massive impact on the industry through helping others do the same. 

Reid Gajewski, Ecom Elixir & DigiElixir

Reid found success dropshipping through Shopify at just 15 years old, but his innovative mindset is what has set him apart from others in the industry. He has found massive success building custom coded Shopify stores through his company, Ecom Elixir. E-commerce is a massive industry, and Reid has forged his own niche by assisting e-commerce entrepreneurs by providing a service that makes the startup process much smoother. His other venture, DigiElixir, assists clients in organic Instagram growth to reach thousands of people in their target audience. Reid has used the service himself to generate thousands of real followers and likes. 

Leonard Person Jr.,

Leonard is the CEO of, which specializes in teaching strategic real estate investing methods including quiet title litigation, wholesale acquisition deals, buying and selling non performing notes, and the basics of flipping homes. Credit repair and business lines of credit for startups is also offered through His company’s ability to offer so many financial and investment services under one roof gives them a massive advantage in the industry, as his company’s core values has its client’s best interests in mind. His company’s services allow customers to create multiple streams of income through owning properties without mortgages. This, Leonard says, is the key to true financial success.i

Darryl Drake, Strategy Academy Pros

Darryl is the president of a personal and business development company, Strategy Academy Pros. Through his services, he has helped people rebuild their business and personal credit. On top of giving his clients the ability to repair their credit, he educates them on financial literacy and credit habits to ensure that they can maintain their credit for the rest of their lives. In his past venture, Darryl began working in sales at 18 and went on to build a company that generated $40M in sales by the time he was 29. 

Brian Breach, Content Creator & Entertainer

Brian started in the world of music, where he spent a decade performing and opening for some of the biggest names in hip hop. Brian also had a song air nationally for the intro of a TV show for 3 years. After stepping away from music, Brian has made a name for himself by making viral videos and sketch comedy. One of his first social experiments went internationally viral, with the story being featured on multiple major news outlets. Brian has a large reach on social media and is verified on Instagram, and will look to continue making an impact empowering others through motivational, positive content. 

Henry Aaron Westbrooks, iGrowClub & Health & Wealth Show

Henry is the founder of a digital social media marketing agency, iGrowClub. His agency helps clients organically grow their digital footprint to reach more of their target audience online. To do this, Henry helps businesses identify their personal brand and mission statement, and then handles the marketing aspect of his clients’ business so they can focus on content creation. His podcast, The Health & Wealth Show, hosts people from all walks of life to share their stories, wisdom, advice, and experiences on interviews. The show focuses on mental wellbeing, which gives him a release from the stresses of business. 

Christian Bonnier, Real Talk University

Christian is a co-host of top 100 ranked podcast, Real Talk University. The podcast seeks to provide value to its college based audience by interviewing high level entrepreneurs and people who have successfully monetized their passions. Since starting the podcast last October, he has been able to network with and interview some of the most influential names in the industry at just 18 years old and as a freshman in college. Christian also does PR and article writing for Influencer Spotlight, and is able to tell the authentic stories of countless entrepreneurs and businessmen and women.