Be curious.

This is the thinking that took Arman Noor from being a regular kid in Texas, to a celebrity attorney in Beverly Hills, California.

Since then Arman has been able to build a large social media following. What’s made his social media presence so appealing hasn’t been his lifestyle, but his desire to marry law and social media.

“Old institutions like the law aren’t fast to adapt.” Arman said. “Part of what I’m doing is accelerating that process. Bringing law to our social media consumed world, and more importantly, bringing it to social media influencers.”

“Too many people on social media have no idea the legal risks they’re taking, or their rights. My job is to help them navigate those uncharted waters” he said.

1. Change Your Environment.

Arman is a strong believer in traveling to new environments.

“It doesn’t have to be anywhere exotic. It’s not the location that matters, it’s about breaking the routine. New environments stimulate your mind and boost creative problem solving.

You can also meet different people through new experiences and travel. By far the greatest lesson I learned was from my dinner with Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, when I was studying in Austria.

Every conversation with Justice Kennedy oozed wisdom. He is a man who sits on the highest and most prestigious Court, who has weighed in on some of society’s biggest cases. His lesson to me that night was simple: be courageous, even when it’s unpopular.

Such a simple lesson but one we all forget. Don’t worry about what others think.”

2. Be Creative.

What many people don’t know about Arman is that he was an award-winning artist first. This has played a huge role in his legal career and overall success.

“As an artist I learned how to use creativity and lateral thinking to really change things around me. It’s amazing what we can do when we think outside the norm.

Social media scares people into thinking they can’t be different. What we see on Instagram isn’t reality. It’s an important lesson to remember since we consume social media on a daily basis.”

3. Learn From Outliers.

Arman went on to explain “we have to learn from outliers. We have to find those people and circumstances that are above and beyond everything. That’s how you accelerate the learning curve.”

A principle that Arman first applied at his time working for Rob Drydek at the Fantasy Factory.

“I had a blast working at the Fantasy Factory. I learned so much from Rob and Drama. When you’re around great minds like that it’s hard not be curious. They were always experimenting with new business concepts.

I remember when Young & Reckless was just an idea floating around and now it’s a multi-million dollar brand on the rise. They are never afraid to try new things.

That’s something I still follow to this day.”