Accounting is a profession which involves managing the financial records of individuals and companies. Virtually all businesses require the services of an accountant for tax purposes and other financial related issues. Anyone who becomes an accountant will certainly have a lot of work waiting for them.

When J.D. Frost graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, he didn’t just want to be another boring accountant working for someone else’s accounting firm. Frost dreamed of opening his own accounting firm and become a business owner.

Once Frost graduated and earned his MBA, he was ready to break out on his own. Now his biggest challenge was to set his firm apart from his competitors. With his education in business, Frost figured he could offer his clients more than just recording keeping and tax preparation services. He knew he could offer more! He wanted to help them grow their businesses too.

Since 2012, J.D. Frost & Company has assisted businesses in growing their customer base and profit margins. They advise clients on how to establish a solid financial foundation which expands rather than declines. After being in business for 7 years, businesses everywhere are demanding Frost’s services. They find great value in the fact that they can get accounting and business consulting services from the same firm. This is a business model which has proven to be effective for him.

The accounting industry is a demanding field. Although there are plenty of businesses and individuals seeking accounting services, the market is saturated with accounting firms. Offering the same basic services that everyone else offers is no longer enough.  Today’s accounting firm must go the extra mile and offer services that are above and beyond beneficial to clients. Frost figured this out years ago, and because of it, he’s dominating the accounting industry.

Frost jokingly says, he’s not your “typical accountant.” We live in a world where consumers are drawn to originality and authenticity. Perhaps this will give birth to more atypical accountants offering a more transparent look into their firms. Frost has certainly zeroed in on the business needs of his clients, and that has taken his own company far.