The perfect mix of seduction, sex, and addition, G’Nez new novel promises an enticing storyline full of romance, erotica, and mystery that keeps readers on the edges of their seats, begging for more.

31 December 2019, GA, USA – Author G’Nez, in collaboration with publisher G.Eye.M LLC, has announced the release of her latest novel, SEddiXion, coming to audiences worldwide on January 25, 2020. SEddiXion, a story of seduction, sex, and addition, is promising to usher in 2020 as the year’s first major hit.

G’Nez takes readers through a deadly mix of seduction, sex, and addition in SEddiXion, weaving them through an intricate storyline that creates the perfect recipe for romance, erotica, and mystery. Readers follow the story of Cassandra James, a smart, sexy, and single woman whose series of bad decisions turn her dream of finding true love into a horrible nightmare. While rekindling a spicy relationship from her past, she begins a dangerous, downward spiral that sends her on the scariest and sexiest ride of her life, where she quickly becomes overwhelmed with lust-driven motives, lies, cheating, and passionate curiosity. Meanwhile, two jilted lovers and a gang of sexy secrets keep Cassandra in a state of increased paranoia, verging on the brink of insanity, as someone wants her dead, trust erodes, and the hunted becomes the hunter.

With a cliffhanger guaranteed to leave readers wanting more, G’Nez takes readers through a story for the ages. SEddiXion, promising to be one of 2020’s hit novels, showcases the dangers of intertwining seduction, sex, and addition. In this page-turning fictional work, G’Nez’s intense creativity and out of the box thinking saturates the pages with mystery, suspense, sensuality, and romance that leaves one anxiously awaiting more.

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G’Nez is an emerging author and screenwriter, whose sincere love for the written and spoken word shines in her artistic and creative endeavors. The founder of G.Eye.M LLC, a video and film production company, G’Nez lives every day to capture and create the wild concoctions of her imagination. Her latest work, SEddiXion, releases worldwide in January 2020 and is the product of over 15 years of creative and artistic work.  Her short film Mirage of Love will be released in early 2020. Don’t miss out on upcoming projects!

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