Robert Isenberg, the author of Why Men Are Suspicious of Yoga And Other Very, Very Funny Stories  will have you laughing until it hurts with this book. He has included 55 absolutely hilarious stories and each one is definitely a very effective mood changer, so if you’re feeling a bit blue, just open this book, pick a story, and you will find yourself laughing. Why Men Are Suspicious of Yoga And Other Very, Very Funny Stories is destined for the bestseller list, so we wanted to get the inside scoop from Isenberg, and were thrilled when he agreed to have a chat with us. 

Most, if not all books have a back story, what inspired you to write Why Men Are Suspicious of Yoga And Other Very, Very Funny Stories

I was the humor columnist for a group of Gatehouse Newspapers for five years. My goal has always been to have people smile & laugh. Local readers would make my day when they had read one of my newspaper articles and said how great it was to wake up smiling & laughing.

There is a two minute video on my various platforms that I go on about this.

You will note the Neurology doctor’s endorsement on the front cover: JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED LAUGHTER.

While reading your book what are you hoping that readers will take away with them when they finish the last page?

What would I want people to take away is: Try to look for the humor in so many situations that otherwise might appear dark.

Your book is very funny, do you ever do live comedy sets?

Yes! I call myself a humorist. I’ve performed my pieces in more venues than I can count: Somewhere in my house, I’ve got a ton of videos.  You can also find me on YouTube. I have two “gigs” coming up in Fla. Hopefully I’ll recover in time: for late Feb & March.

Writing a book like this can be very challenging. Did you learn anything new about yourself while writing it?

YEAH! I wish I had paid more attention to grammar in high school.

What is new for you in the new year? Are you working on a new book?

I’m totally excited about my new book: For now it’s called: “LOOKING BACK” I IMAY ADD “LOOKING BACK TO THE SIXTIES.”

It’s about growing up in Dorchester, Mass, or I might say TRYING to grow up in Dorchester and then moving to N.Y.C. in the early sixties, and myself in my early twenties; I might add I was a country Bumpkin. Then WHAM! BAM! ALACAZAM!!  N.Y. C. had to be the greatest place on earth to be in 1963, especially if you thought you were never going to die. 

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