This year, the International Congress of Real Estate and Investment, which will take place in Berlin (13-15.11.2018) and Munich (07-09.10.2018), will present even more opportunities and privileges to each participant. Particularly, during the whole year there will be a free online exhibition of the Congress with the expositions of participants that excludes any costs for customs and flights. Developers from 20 countries will present more than a hundred finished real properties and projects for investment in construction. As an alternative platform for investment, it will be made in the crypto currency, gold bars, stock market operations, museum exhibits, investments and citizenship, the modern world film industry and its opportunities, yachts, helicopters. Leading world investors prepare master classes on the special aspects of new international trends in the sphere of capital allocation.

Investments in real estate are one of the most conservative, but at the same time, traditionally popular type of business activities. They have a special place in the program of the Congress. Therefore, the work of the exhibition will culminate in a grate property tour: presentation of the most interesting commercial properties of the partners of the Congress during a trip on a vip-class bus.

Non-standard investments will be also presented, along with innovative companies. One of the most striking examples of such companies is Héli Air Monaco from Monaco, specializing in helicopter transfers. It has 40 years of history and is known to every business man in Europe (today the helicopter is a fast, convenient and relatively affordable transport).

But how interesting is this business for investors? Jacques Crovetto – the CEO and founder of Héli Air Monaco – decided to share his experience and knowledge, telling about the profitability of investments in a helicopter taxi.

It turns out that the full payback period of the helicopter business is from 1.5 to 3 years. Such investments have very few analogues both in the transport sector and among other business lines.

According to Mr. Crovetto, the advantages of investing in the helicopter business include the independence of the owner of the helicopter from the condition of the roads or their absence, traffic jams, repairs or traffic blocking, which is a decisive factor in the need for rapid moving and arrival at the destination. Modern helicopters allow you to make long enough and safe flights. Small open area is enough for the helicopter to land. Moreover, the flying training will take as much time as driving training.
This year organizers prepared pleasant bonuses for everyone, including the opportunity to take part in a grand chess tournament with the participation of well-known grandmasters; informal debates in the framework of a philosophical evening in the context of the theme of the Congress; excursions to the Nymphenburg Palace with visits to the expositions of partners and an open platform for cooperation and promotion; the ceremony of awarding the best congress award in the field of investment.
One of the unusual packages of proposals for investors will be investment in yachting. So, attention of visitors will be presented:

– Sailing, really, royal yacht S / Y CYCLOS II (30 meters long) from the company Yacht Zoo from Monaco – a great combination of classic design and modern conveniences;
– a unique motor yacht M / Y JACOZAMI (40 meters long, produced by Sunseeker, which due to the exclusivity of this model is not for sale, but is leased for only 140,000 € per week).

Many believe that yachts and helicopters are expensive toys or an element of the life of businessmen, but not a profitable investment. Nicolas Fry dispelled this notion. He is a top manager of the international brokerage company Northrop & Johnson, one of the world’s leading yacht brokers, which has its own charter fleet around the world, both motor and sailing yachts.
The yacht market is huge, financially capacious and very promising. And it is not accidental that in recent years the volume of investments in the yacht travel sector has increased, and this sector continues to grow rapidly.
Buying a yacht, despite the high cost (from 600 000 €), in terms of profitability exceeds even the investment in real estate or hotel business.

Yachts resale can bring no less profit. The pace of their production is not keeping up with the growing demand, and therefore even inexpensive yachts add to price about 10% on average per year. And this is despite the fact that the number of produced yachts from 2000 to 2018 has tripled!

It’s hard not to agree with Donald Trump, the US president, stating that “the second most important event in the life of every man is the day when he buys a yacht, and the first, the greatest event in his life is the day he sells it.”

An important element of investing in yachts becomes its competent operation. For example, many experienced brokers will give you an advice that you should not store a yacht in expensive marinas on the Côte d’Azur- it’s cheaper to do it in Italy, Croatia or Turkey. The transfer of the yacht into operation by a special management company will save up to 30%. If you are a citizen of Russia, then you should not rush with the customs clearance of your yacht – it is more profitable to operate it under a foreign flag. Cooperation with three or four famous yachtsmen will allow you to increase the number of clients up to 40% per year!

Thus, the yacht is not only an excellent means for obtaining pleasure, but also a unique object for investment.

The organizers of the International Real Estate and Investment Congress in Munich started talking about the business calculator last year. And only today they present their work, where each guest will have an opportunity to calculate the expected proceeds, expenses, profitability, risks and the payback period of the business.

At the end of discussions and presentations of the Congress, the program will give a general analysis of the calculations and communications.

Thus, programmers and it-specialists will find out mathematically the most popular and popular topic of all business proposals of the Congress.

Also, within the Congress – 2018, a new set of proposals from non-core assets and investments will be held, where it will be said about the benefits of investment in yachts and helicopters, which have a big role to reassess views on these speres.

Traditionally, non-standard conversations will be taken place at the VIP Lodge of the LevenBrown Oktoberfest beer house 2018 for all guests of the congress.

So, this autumn we are waiting for everyone who wants in the seminar on investments in the sector of air transport – comfortable, fast and innovative. You can contact the Congress managers by calling +498955269715 or +491622328333.