Nashville, TN –  Nash Painting, a residential and commercial painting company, has been proudly serving customers in Nashville and Middle Tennessee for over 11 years. Highly regarded in the local community for its professional painting services, Nash Painting, in a recent court filing, alleges it has fallen victim to a vicious smear campaign orchestrated by Kevin Sharpton, owner of Sharpton Painting, a rival Nashville-based painting company.

In the 220-page lawsuit filed by Nash Painting’s owner Bill Nishanian, Nishanian alleges Sharpton is orchestrating the vicious smear campaign to damage, embarrass, and otherwise ruin Nash Painting’s reputation. The lengthy lawsuit documents over 700 fake negative reviews posted to Google and other websites in the last year, with sometimes more the 20 reviews being posted each day. Nearly all, the lawsuit alleges, include one-star ratings and were accompanied by lengthy descriptions of problems and complaints about Nash Painting, its employees, and its owner. However, each has lacked any factual basis, and all have been posted using stolen profiles and pictures from people worldwide. 

Nishanian, after launching his investigation, uncovered many similarities between the negative reviews and ones posted by Sharpton in previous cases involving local competitors. A year ago, three other companies famously joined Nash Painting and sent a cease and desist letter to Sharpton, accusing him of targeting all four companies with fake reviews on Google and other websites. Previously, another painting company, Sharper Impressions, successfully sued Sharpton after it too had received hundreds of fake negative reviews, leaving Sharpton to admit to posting the fraudulent reviews, apologize to Sharper Impressions, and agree to cease his behavior.

The lawsuit filed by Nishanian seeks to identify the person behind the fake negative reviews and confirm his suspicions. The suit comes just after Nishanian subpoenaed records that would show where the reviews were coming from. Sharpton and his attorney maintain he is not responsible, yet his story has changed three times and now involves a former girlfriend of Sharpton’s, along with his history of targeting competitors with vicious smear campaigns.

Nishanian continues to spend countless hours attempting to remove the fake negative reviews, filing separate complaints about each post and manually proving how each is fraudulent. Nonetheless, new fake reviews continue to be posted daily. As the court proceedings move forward, Nash Painting continues to proudly serve its residential and commercial clients in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, earning the company the positive reviews, reputation, and community feedback that have supported it for over 11 years. 

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