How well do you really understand the Forex marketplace? Forex, of course, is a word which refers to the Foreign Exchange Market. It is where currencies are traded on a global scale by people from all walks of life. These could be professional traders, businesspeople, or an average person looking to make some profits.

For most people, they’ve heard about the potential to get rich by Forex trading. Unfortunately, it is more complicated than it sounds. Currency rates change rapidly, so the potential to lose money is very high if you’re not careful or patient. That is just one lesson in which Forex expert Hassan Mahmoud teaches his students.

Hassan is a 26-year-old entrepreneur, trader, educator, and speaker. Over the last 5 years, he’s established himself as a currency trading mogul after succeeding at forex and cryptocurrency trading. Now he’s created a training program that teaches the secret to his currency trading success. The secret is “CEED,” which means to connect, empower, elevate, and develop.

Other Forex training programs out there will simply give you a bunch of eBooks and video lectures on how to trade on the currency exchange. Since the market changes all the time, these programs can become dated rather quickly. What they won’t do is provide you with actual experts who will teach you the most recent trading strategies and advise you on what your goals need to be. The CEED program does just that.

As you begin the CEED program, you are connected to a transformational expert on a weekly basis. This expert is somebody who is financially successful and has already made seven, eight, or nine figures in their businesses. You may even get to meet a different expert every week because of their busy schedules. These experts include entrepreneurs, corporate executives, social media influencers, and trading experts and teachers.

Hassan believes that personalized training from real financial professionals will give his students the incentive they need to work harder and try harder. More importantly, they will learn effective strategies which will empower them to succeed like never before. As they implement these strategies in a real-world trade setting, it will elevate them to greater heights of success as a trader. Meanwhile, they will develop a new trading mindset which revolves around patience and strategy.

Now you’re probably thinking, “I don’t have what it takes to be patient. I’ll panic as soon as I start losing money on the exchange.” A lot of people feel this way, and it is normal. Hassan certainly had experiences like this when he first got involved in Forex trading. That is what inspired him to program his own algorithmic proprietary software to prevent such impulsive trading practices.

Rather than trade on emotion, Hassan’s Forex software conducts technical analyses of the currency marketplace and initiates trade recommendations based on the activity. It uses several algorithmic formulas to come to these conclusions. In other words, the software uses artificial intelligence to know when it is a good time to buy and sell currency. That way, the trades are not based on fear or anxiety.

Hassan has already helped several students achieve financial success in the marketplace. It only costs a few hundred dollars to join the CEED program, which gives you access to experts, software tools, and community forums where students can collaborate.