Tiffany Ann Beverlin was like any other young woman looking to conquer the world. After completing her studies at University, Beverlin saw opportunities in America for a better life. She relocated to Orlando, Florida and worked for Universal Studios. It was her dream come true.

Like many young career women, Beverlin’s personal life took over. She met a man whom she fell in love with, and soon after got married and went on to have three kids. By the time Beverlin was pregnant with her second child, she had decided that it would be better to leave her job and become a full-time housewife and mother.

Beverlin wanted her children to have at least one parent in their lives regularly. So, she made the difficult decision to stay home and raise the children while her husband worked. Unfortunately, Beverlin’s marriage to her husband would end after 15 years. This puts her in a very awkward situation because, by that point, she had spent 10 years as a housewife out of the workforce.

Now, Beverlin had the daunting task of looking for a job, finding a new home, and adjusting to life as a single Mother of 3 small children.Beverlin’s extended time out of the workforce made it virtually impossible for her to get hired anywhere. In fact, she was deemed “unemployable” by several recruiters, who said a decade out of the workforce was frowned upon by most companies.

It no longer mattered that Beverlin had a degree from University or that she had a career at Universal Studios in her past. To employers, all these achievements are irrelevant after so many years. They wanted someone with a more recent college education and work history. This put Beverlin in a rather desperate situation.

As the bills piled up, Beverlin knew that she needed to think outside of the box. Since she had no more use for her engagement ring, her first idea was to sell it. However, this was a difficult task because she couldn’t find a jeweler’s who could make her a reasonable offer for it.

Beverlin couldn’t believe how difficult it was for a new divorcee to make it in the world. What surprised her even more was how many other divorcees had similar experiences and troubles as she did, and no positive online resource to guide them.  To solve these problems and more faced by divorcees, Beverlin went into business for herself by opening “”

DreamsRecycled is a special online community designed specifically for divorcees who need help and guidance on their new journey. The website offers a place where divorcees can connect and help each other with their struggles. It also has a marketplace where divorcees can sell their personal items in order to fund their new dreams, an extensive article section and a directory of trusted resources. DreamsRecycled helps all men and women, before, during and after their divorce, making it the only one stop divorce shop.

Beverlin could not predict how quickly her divorcee community would grow. It went from a few hundred users to over 10 million users in just a few years. It’s even been featured on AOL News, CBS News, The New York Times, Fox News and many more. The success of DreamsRecycled proves that divorcees need an optimistic place to gather and get support. Beverlin provides her members with informative articles, resources, forums, and other tools to assist them to a healthier way to move forward in their life after divorce.

Beverlin has also during this time become a certified Life Coach and is nationally recognized as a go-to expert on all things divorce, helping anyone from CEO’s, athletes, military, salespeople to a better life after divorce. Beverlin feels grateful to be a part of so many peoples healing process, and looks forward to helping many more men and women as she continues to scale her company globally.