Many of us use garage doors as entry or front doors. That means garage doors are working really hard daily. Since the garage doors are majorly connected with the security of the home, any related problem or condition should not be ignored. If you are in a dilemma whether your garage door should be repaired or replace, then we are here to make the decision easier for you with few facts that are essential to know before making any decision.

The Replacements Basics of Garage Doors

The garage door’s panel and frame should last you for a longer period. The garage door that is made up of steel or aluminum can last for more than 15 years while the wooden garage doors also stay for a quite long time with proper care and maintenance. Good garage door parts like the opener, cables, or torsion springs, and others can work fine for a longer time with timely repair or maintenance as and when required. 

Replacement Vs Repair

If the panel is broken or cracked a garage door professional may be able to repair it and can make the garage door look like a new one. So if your garage door is not very old and can be in better condition with just a few problems fixed, you may think of repairing it with a professional. But if the garage door has been there for a quite long time and problems remain the same even after many repairs it is always a better option to get the garage door replaced.

Finally, it is always a good option to take a help of a garage door professional, who can inspect the door, identify the problem and let you know whether the repair is good to go or the replacement is the only option to make your entryway safe and secure. 

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