CBD products of the cbdMD brand are everywhere now. Usually, you hear about oral cbdMD products in the form of tinctures, gummy candy, and capsules. These are supposed to be faster and more convenient ways to consume CBD. The beneficial chemical properties of the cannabinoid get absorbed internally, resulting in total body relaxation and comfort.

For the average person, they need CBD to relax after a hard day’s work. But when it comes to athletes, they need help to relieve their physical pain rather than their stress and anxiety. Athletes are notorious for physically pushing themselves to the limit. It is common for athletes to experience aches, pains, strains, and other forms of discomfort in their limbs and torso region.

If an athlete consumes an oral cbdMD product to alleviate their physical aches and pains, they won’t experience much relief. Oral cbdMD products are better for managing mental discomforts like mood and stress. But if you need to reduce pains in certain areas of your body quickly, then topical cbdMD products are more effective.

For instance, let’s say you twisted your ankle while running on the football field. Swallowing a CBD capsule is not going to target that pain directly. But if you were to rub CBD cream all over your sprained ankle, the natural chemical compounds of the cannabinoid will reach the injury a lot faster. You should notice pain relief within less than 30 minutes.

It is common to feel stiffness in the muscles and overall discomfort in the body after a big athletic game. One strategy that works well is to integrate CBD cream with full body massage therapy. Have your massage therapist work the CBD cream into the tense areas of your body as they’re massaging your muscles and joints. You may feel even more discomfort relief than you would with an oral cbdMD product.

Of course, there is no replacement for good quality stretching and training prior to any athletic performance. Topical cbdMD products may be good pain relievers, but they’re not supposed to be an alternative to proper physical care. Athletes are expected to train professionally and not get careless with their performance. If more serious injuries were to occur, then conventional medicine must be considered first.

After every physical activity, athletes recommend using a specific topical CBD product called the cbdMD Bath Bomb. As the name indicates, it is a product which you put in bath water to spread CBD oils all over your body. Between the CBD oils and the warm bath water, it can create the ultimate rejuvenation experience for any athlete.

Topical cbdMD products are great for ordinary people too. When you get home from a long and stressful day, a cbdMD Bath Bomb will make you feel great. Some people even combine this with oral CBD. They’ll draw a bath, put in the CBD bomb, get into the bath, and then put a few drops of CBD oil underneath their tongue. CBD affects everyone differently, so athletes and regular people should experiment to see which cbdMD products work best for them.