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Friday, October 21, 2016


The Gift of Colored Diamonds

Have you ever wondered if owning luxurious colored diamonds is affordable? Well, wonder no longer! Fancy Colored Diamonds are beautifully priced and well within your reach. Exclusive top of the line diamonds aren’t just for celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey or Kelly Clarkson. We’re a well renowned, internationally recognized company of natural fancy


Nefretiti A. Morant; author of The Perspectives Series and Next Stop Harlem, just to name a few has released another book entitled; The Beginners Guide to Self-Publishing.  This is her twelfth book and fourteenth publication since she began her journey as a writer four years ago. The Beginners Guide to Self-Publishing is a step by

Tactical Flashlights – Choosing the Best for You

Have a thought ever occurred to you whether a flashlight has more features and benefits than just the light it produces or not? Have you ever come across any? Let me introduce to you the brightest flashlight available named G700 which is actually the best of all. Why is it currently better than other LED

Exhibit-building and Time Capsules, the Yaron Meiri Way

How does a career as a high tech showman start with academic Middle Eastern studies? According to Orpan Group’s Yaron Meiri, his post-graduate work only came together with his career years later, but did so in a spectacular way. Meiri’s high profile career is based on designing and building exhibitions, museums, visitor’s centers and high-tech

Online Home Based Business – The Essentials

There are literally thousands of affiliate marketing programs where you can start an online home based business. But haphazardly being a member of an affiliate program isn’t enough. Bear in mind, you should be able to generate targeted leads. This is the only way to get the return on your efforts. In any typical affiliate


The Most Deadly Killer on the Roads

We think we’re safe, we think we’re careful, but most of all we think we’re focused while we drive. It turns out that while this may be what we think, with the recent release of statistics. We’re all wrong and it’s a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. U.S. fatalities from traffic accidents

The Queen Of The Trumpet Syreeta Thompson Just Released A New Album

TRUMPET PHENOM SYREETA THOMPSON RELEASES NEW ALBUM New York’s “Trumpet Lady” Teams Up with Hezekiah Walker in New Album “Winner” NEW YORK, NY – One of the greatest trumpet players in music has just made a big announcement. Manhattan’s Syreeta Thompson, better known as “The Trumpet Lady”, has recently released her second studio album entitled


Best-selling Chilean-born Australian author & social activist, Marcela Del Sol, is drawing on her own experiences living with Dissociative Identity Disorder to eradicate stigma surrounding mental illness and to make a positive difference to kids who have suffered considerable trauma. Marcela has recently launched best selling novel “Kaleidoscope: my life’s multiple reflections” in an effort


MEET QLIPPIE LIVE: ‘The most compact device with live stream technology’

[PRESSWIRE] Amsterdam, 12 October 2016 – With Facebook streaming live and Periscope reaching its two-year anniversary, a new era has arrived: live video is the preferred format to share media content. Qlippie Live, designed by one of worlds leading Internet Companies Tencent , will be the first, clippable and stylish mini HD camera with live stream technology and will be introduced

Taking Artificial Intelligence to Human level

We need a universal language to teach our computer, laptops or mobile phones how to be like a human. We need operating systems that could learn from us — not only from the programmers or developers.  A biologist,  Dr. Mahmud Arif Pavel,  from St. John’s University, NY has proposed to convert the current computational systems

Payrexx is your universal payment tool

E-commerce startup Payrexx has created the innovative solution which allows you to accept payments in any circumstance and through any marketing channel. Payrexx tools which will help you to sell in the easiest possible way. One Page Shop. Payrexx tool where functionality meets simplicity. Do you already have a website and now want to commercialize

An entrepreneur with a past and vision for the future

Daniel Esterly, founder of Revive Sciences, LLC, has a a bit of an oxymoronic background. He received his Master of Science in Professional Counseling in 2013 and went on to obtain doctoral studies from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. On top of those accomplishments, he is presently pursuing a Masters of Business Administration. He

Worldbox adds more Asian countries to global company database

[PRESSWIRE] Zurich, Switzerland – 1 September, 2016 — Update to Business Intelligence provider Worldbox’s Company Information Directory adds corporate records for two more countries. Over 40,000 new business records from the Philippines and 80,000 records from Taiwan have been integrated into Worldbox’s global company information database. Together with their AsiaGate partners: the Credit Information Bureau

SayIt Cloud-Based Speech Recognition from nVoq: Now Available in Canada – Hosted by Microsoft Azure

[PRESSWIRE] BOULDER, CO – August 24, 2016 – nVoq, Incorporated, a Boulder, CO-based provider of cloud-based speech recognition and workflow productivity tools, is pleased to announce general availability of its SayIt solutions platform in Canada. As a true cloud solution, SayIt has been gaining market share in the United States since 2011 within the healthcare

Apple Vs FBI: All you need to know

Apple Inc is resisting a federal court order that it help the US government break into the iPhone 5c of Rizwan Farook, who along with his wife killed 14 people in a December shooting in San Bernardino, California, which the government has described as a terror attack. The government has asked Apple to create a