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Monday, May 30, 2016


Apple Vs FBI: All you need to know

Apple Inc is resisting a federal court order that it help the US government break into the iPhone 5c of Rizwan Farook, who along with his wife killed 14 people in a December shooting in San Bernardino, California, which the government has described as a terror attack. The government has asked Apple to create a

Gabrielle Giffords Joins Hillary Clinton in South Carolina to Pay Tribute to Victims of Gun Violence

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A plainly confident Hillary Clinton returned to South Carolina on Tuesday night for the first time since her victory in the Nevada caucuses and paid tribute to victims of gun violence and police misconduct as she campaigned before the state’s Democratic primary. In a break with her monthslong strategy against Senator Bernie

2016 Primary Results and Calendar

The 2016 primaries and caucuses have begun. Candidates will seek to win delegates in each state’s contest to capture their party’s nomination for the presidency. Delegates Won Trump Cruz REPUBLICANS Rubio Kasich Carson Clinton DEMOCRATS Sanders Total 68 11 9 5 3 503 70 1,237 to win nomination 2,383 to win Superdelegates* — — —

Arts & Entertainment

Art Fair Alternative

Frontrunner Collective Presents: AN ANNUAL AFFAIR May 6-8, 2016 Opening reception: Friday, May 6, 2016 6PM-9PM West Chelsea Arts Building 526 West 26th Street 10th Floor #1001 New York, NY 10001 Gordon Douglas Ball Michael Bartalos Dustin Grella Brian Fernandes-Halloran Nicolas Holiber Christopher Kardambikis Emil Noel Guno Park Brandon Sines Alex Schuchard Pam Tietze Anja

International Pop Artist SHEON signs on Famous Artist Music Management

The secret behind all superstars’ success is in the team behind them, but we don’t often hear about the managers, songwriters, producers and assistants as much as we hear about the artists themselves. Despite all her independent success, SHEON, the Serbian songstress has decided to team up with the management of Mr. Worldwide Pitbull—Famous Artist

Tell Yourself The Truth

Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck in life, but longing for prosperity? Have you ever pondered on what to do to be a better you? And where do you start to accomplish that desire? Then this is exactly the book you’ve been waiting for. The answer is simply…… Tell Yourself The Truth! Telling Yourself The Truth is


Are Japanese People Obese?

In 2008, the University of Pennsylvania conducted a survey which determined the relationship between the number of fast food restaurants in a location and the rate of obesity. This might be a fact within U.S, but the notion does not hold any truth when applied across the globe. The best example is Japan. This nation

Doing business more easy with TraEZ-The best trading service workplace in the world

Doing business in China made easy thanks to freelancing Who wouldn’t want to start a business in China? Over the years the country has been in the forefront of economic development in Asia offering great business opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs from around the globe. Time constraints, costs of transferring of the business model and language

“That Question”

The Hunter of Stories, latest book by Eduardo Galeano. The Majfud family had been cornered by the Uruguayan military dictatorship, having suffered prison, torture, and humiliation, and having been stripped of everything they had. One morning, the boys were playing in an old cart when a shot rang out. They were far away, but the

E-cig exports banned in China

Customs officers have seized over 500,000 ‘Vape Products’ worth an estimated $100 million after recent Chinese e-cig regulation banning the export and manufacturing of e-cigarette products.